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RSUPPORT,Asia’s No. 1 Remote Support Solution Specialist,
is now embarking on a global challenge.

  • Asian Market Share
    There are many words that can decorate Rsupport, such as Korea, Japan and Asia No. 1, top 5 global company, the only KOSDAQ listed in the industry, and world class 300 companies.
  • Customers
    Selected by more than 10,000 global companies in 24 countries, the power of Rsupport comes from exceptional R&D investments.
  • International patents
    More than 100 international patents and more than 50% of R&D workforce are examples of Rsupport’s commitment to technology.

Our products

RSUPPORT continues to develop new technologies as well as to create new software lineups by challenging new areas. Meet RSUPPORT’s product line for both business and home users. All RSUPPORT software products are free to try.

  • 리모트콜
    No.1 Remote Support Solution, RemoteCall

    RemoteCall is the fastest way to solve customer problems. Instantly remotely identify and provide solutions to PC / mobile / on-site problems. It fulfills various purposes such as customer support and consultation, large-scale device management, and branch / overseas office support.

  • 리모트뷰
    Home office partner, RemoteView

    RemoteView helps you remotely control a variety of devices anytime, anywhere. Regardless of time and place, remote control different devices, including PCs and mobile devices unattended. It also provides powerful remote management capabilities specific to enterprises.

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  • 리모트미팅
    Fast and easy online meetings, RemoteMeeting

    RemoteMeeting is an easy and fast web based video conferencing software. Instantly connect from your PC or mobile web browser without installation. It even features screen / file sharing, making it a perfect tool for collaboration.

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  • 모비즌
    Mobile control / recording for everyone, Mobizen

    The moment you meet Mobizen, the paradigm of enjoying mobile devices changes.
    – Mobizen screen recorder: the easiest way to capture your smartphone screen and share it online.
    – Mobizen mirroring: the smartest way to mirror and control all your smartphone remotely from your PC.

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  • 라이트캠
    The simplest video authorizing tool, liteCam

    liteCam records PC / mobile screens in high definition with a simple click. Enjoy the intuitive interface, low system resource usage, and superior video compression technology. Record just as you see it, and add effects and text to instantly create stunning video content.

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  • taas
    Automated mobile testing service, TAAS

    Experience the easy and simple automated mobile testing service with TAAS. Tests does not require expert knowledge, only be able to operate a mobile device.

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