Optimized to Provide Superior Customer Support

Mobile Device – Screen Sharing
Support representatives are able to view their customers’ mobile device screens to provide real-time remote support.

Support Android / iOS
Real-time mirroring supported for both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Device Screen Control
Support representatives can take control with mouse to support the mobile device.

Minimal Data/Bandwidth Consumption
All RemoteCall solutions retrieve changes on the remote screen to minimize data/bandwidth consumption.

Seamless Network Transitioning
Automatically detect and adapt to mobile network changes without interrupting the support session.

Interactive Device Keys
Fully functional device keys, such as the home or volume buttons, allow for convenient remote support.

Window support management
Multiple Window support for different channel is available.

Representative Grouping
Create and manage groups of support representatives to better handle customer support requests.

Network Communication

Safe & Reliable
RemoteCall meets industry security standards with SSL & 256-bit-AES encryption.

Screen Lock
Allow customers to lock their mobile device screen from the device to prevent accidental sharing of personal information.

Convenient UI for support representatives

Universal Session ID
Use RermoteCall products conveniently from one program.

System Settings Shortcuts
Utilize the navigational shortcuts while supporting mobile devices to quickly access system settings.

The fastest and most reliable

Reliable Worldwide Service
Rsupport provides an expansive global infrastructure in over 5 countries to ensure a fast and reliable remote support service world wide.

Connect via Phone Number
Support representatives can enter the customer’s phone number before generating a support session and allow the customer to connect with a touch of a button.

Easy to Connect
Customers simply enter a unique 6-digit connection code to easily connect with support representatives.

Multiple Supported Connection Methods
Support representatives can connect with customers using Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, and USB.

Send SMS
Send an SMS to the customer’s phone for a quicker way to download the application.

Rapid Response to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Floating Menu
Customers can easily access to the mobile app menu from their mobile home screen.

Slide bar Function
Quickly navigate through the slide bar function when viewing image files. (For iOS only)

Send Messages
Send one-way messages directly to the customers’ mobile device to improve support efficiency.

Text Chat
Communicate with customers while providing support in real-time without needing to be on the phone.

Canned Messages
Select from a variety of preset sentences or phrases to send the customer.

On-Screen Drawing
Draw directly on a mobile device screen or computer screen to relay important information to the customer.

Laser Pointer
Use the laser pointer to accurately explain certain information or situations.

Management Function to Improve Service Quality

Screen Capture & Screen Recording
Capture or record the session for future reference such as training or collateral.

Session History
View and organize previous support sessions to increase efficiency.

Session Transfer
Transfer active remote support sessions to other departments or specialists for a faster resolution.

Additional features help to provide efficient support

Mobile Skin Display
Displaying the actual mobile skin with screen improves the support experience.