Don’t let them wait

RemoteCall + visual pack gives support agents the ability to see exactly what the customer is experiencing through the camera on a mobile device. With a simple app, customers are able to securely connect and instantly share live video & photos of the issue with support agents. This allows for a dramatic decrease in customer explanation time and near instant diagnosis of the problem.

Does remote support only possible for electronic devices? If a problem occurs to non-communication device such as a home appliance, how can I support it remotely? With RemoteCall + visual pack you will be able to support home appliances. Don’t keep your customers waiting.

Every support case can be handled using RemoteCall

The customer can be supported any time using their mobile devices camera. This support service greatly reduces the need for on site visits and decreases overall resolution time.

RemoteCall is User Friendly

RemoteCall enables reliable support because the agent an see exactly what the customer sees in real time. This is a much more effective option than hearing a detailed description over the phone and trying to guess the issue.

RemoteCall + visual pack Get started

Rsupport Exclusive

Customers are able to stream a video of their issue in real-time using their mobile device camera to receive the proper support they need.

RemoteCall + visual pack Features

Real-time Video Streaming
Customers can stream a real-time video of the issue using their mobile device’s camera.
Minimal Data/Bandwidth Consumption
All of our RemoteCall solutions intelligently retrieve changes on the remote screen to minimize data/bandwidth consumption.
Toggle Camera Flash ON/OFF
Toggle the flash on customer mobile devices to illuminate dark areas while providing support.
Universal Support Client
RemoteCall + mobile pack can provide PC support as well as mobile.

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RemoteCall + visual pack support specification

Mobile OS
  • Android 4.0 ~ 7.0.x
  • iOS 8 ~ 10.3.x
  • Accessible internal camera
  • Network( 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi )

RemoteCall + visual pack Case Studies

  • Insurance company

    Insurance agencies can accurately determine accident damages without having to send an insurance agent to the accident site.

  • Construction/Civil sector

    Engineers and site managers are able to remotely manage and oversee multiple construction sites from a single location.

  • Home Appliance

    Customer Service Centers are able to reduce the amount of support visits by readying the necessary parts ahead of time, reducing the overall time to resolution.

  • DIY Product Vendors

    Customer Support Centers can use the solution to more accurately identify a problem and provide rapid support to solve it.

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Service type of RemoteCall

The cost savings in service products perfect for our company! Increase efficiency!

RemoteCall ASP

Reduce the initial cost with monthly subscription, get quality and reliability with cloud service with our remote support solution sold as ASP (Application Service Provider).

RemoteCall provides unmatched reliable and faster service with over 15 datacenters spread out all over the world with auto-sensing for the shortest path.

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RemoteCall Server

Experience a remote support solutions that can be customized for large enterprises, government agency, and financial institutions.

Integration is available for RemoteCall server to be placed in your own network. Customization will be provided including administrator page and advanced security features. All support history can be managed by recording server.

RemoteCall Appliance

We provide a standalone remote solution to SMB, University, Government agency.

Remote Call Appliance is the all-in-one solution that includes RemoteCall software and hardware. Create your own remote support environment with with our high-performance hardware with OS and DB included.