Session performance and quality settings. Adjust display color depth, video compression, and image quality.

Always On Top

Keeps the Viewer on top of other windows.

Session Report

Fill out a report of the support session including details such as the customer’s name, phone #, e-mail, and the reason for their call.

Open ‘Received Files’ Folder

Opens the folder where the received files are located.

Received Files

Shows list of files received during the session.

Session Sharing

Initiate a session sharing with another representative. Requires another representative to be logged in.

Session Transfer*

Initiate a session transfer with another representative. Requires another representative to be logged in.

Lock Viewer

Temporarily locks the Viewer. Enter the User ID and Password again to unlock the Viewer.

RemoteCall Player

Launches the RemoteCall Player used to view video session recordings.

Reboot and Reconnect*

Reboots the remote PC while maintaining the connection. If RemoteCall is not running as a service the customer will need to log back into Windows before the session resumes.

Reboot and Reconnect in Safe Mode*

Reboots into Safe Mode. This feature is only available while RemoteCall is running as a service.

Run RemoteCall as a Service*

If connected with a limited (standard) user account you can run RemoteCall as a service by entering administrative login credentials. Running RemoteCall as a service allows you to switch user accounts on the fly, reboot and reconnect an unattended PC and send a ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ command.


Exits the RemoteCall Viewer and closes the session.



Enables mouse and keyboard control on the remote PC. Requires the customer to authorize the request. This security prompt may be disabled if necessary.

Mouse Chase

View the actual location of the remote cursor in the Viewer window.

Laser Arrow

Displays a red arrow on the remote desktop. Hold down the mouse button to activate.

Laser Pointer

Displays a red laser dot on the remote desktop. Hold down the mouse button to activate.

Send ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’

Sends a Ctrl+Alt+Del command to the remote desktop. Requires RemoteCall to be running as a service.



Draw various shapes on the remote desktop.


Display Settings

Configure how the Display Icon manipulates the view of the remote desktop.

Multi Monitor

Select how to view a remote multi-monitor desktop.

Screen Navigator

Opens the Screen Navigator allowing simple click and drag screen scrolling around the remote desktop. You can also activate this function by clicking the Screen Navigator shortcut in the top right corner of the Viewer.


Zoom in and out of the remote desktop.

Scale To Fit

Scales the remote desktop image to fit within the size of the Viewer.

Actual Size

View the remote desktop at a 1:1 scale.

Full Screen

View the remote desktop using the Full Screen Viewer.


Screen Capture

Take a snapshot of the remote desktop and save as a .png file.

Send URL

Send a URL to the remote desktop and open the remote browser automatically. You can type in a URL or choose from a preset list created by you.

Send File*

Select a file or folder to send to the remote PC. The customer can choose where to save the file when prompted.

Receive File*

Select a file or folder to send to your local PC from the remote PC. All received files are placed in the ‘Received Files’ folder.

Clipboard Sharing*

Opens the manual clipboard sharing window, allowing you to see the contents of both the local and remote clipboards before transferring.

Presentation Mode*

Reverses screen-sharing and displays the representative’s desktop to the customer. Opens the Presentation Viewer on the remote desktop.


Opens interactive drawing windows on both desktops that the representative and customer can use to collaborate in real-time.

Text Chat*

Opens a text chat session with the customer. The customer chat window is web-based and uses Internet Explorer. The chat session may be closed at any time and re-opened later in the session.

Voice Chat*

VoIP voice chatting with the PC microphone.

Remote Sound*

Enables remote sound allowing you to hear audio coming from the remote PC on your local speakers.

Session Recording*

Initiates video session recording. Saves the session to disk for playback at a later time using the RemoteCall Player.



Quick links to preset URLs, Files, Folders, and Control Panel tools. These items can be managed through the RemoteCall Agent or the Admin Center.


View a complete system diagnostic report of the remote PC, including HW/SW details, network information, start-up registry and more.


View and control remote processes running on the remote PC.

* Available for Windows OS only.