Evaluated for functionality, reliability, and security during a one month pilot period.


About Company

Woori Bank is one of the most historic banks in the Republic of Korea and was established in 1899. Assets total to about 250 billion dollars, 15,000 employees, and more than 1,000 branch offices globally are doing efficient business activities.



Due to rapid growth, Woori Bank encountered various problems from their customers. The customer center operations decided to introduce a remote support solution for one month by selecting the top three dominant products in the market. Finding the right solution that could provide high security and meet the standards of the finance industry was the most difficult. In order to offer support remotely, various features were needed in order to accommodate the different support requests received daily.



After introducing RemoteCall, customer satisfaction improved about 20%.
Solving problems over the phone was complicated due to lack of communication between the customer and agent. This became stressful on both sides, resulting in a decrease in approval. But by using RemoteCall, we will now be able to accurately troubleshoot the problem with ease allowing us to provide high quality support. Now internet banking is the route that most customers use, but there are still some customers who are not familiar with how to operate a PC. With RemoteCall we are able to introduce online banking without a worry, knowing we can respond swiftly if needed.
RemoteCall is the right product for us with excellent compatibility, matching our security policy and internationally. In addition, RemoteCall has a variety of features and functions allowing us to accommodate all our customers’ issues.
After the introduction of RemoteCall, Woori Bank has been handling more than 70,000 support requests per month, all by using the remote support system. The support time has greatly reduced, and problem resolution rate dramatically increased in the customer support center.