The Global Leader in Remote Solutions

Rsupport is an innovative market leader in the remote solutions industry, and the number one remote solutions provider in Asia. Since it’s start in 2001, Rsupport has been leading the remote support industry by developing advanced remote solutions that have led to a high volume of sales in markets overseas. Rsupport provides its clients with professional solutions to remotely identify and resolve issues on computers, mobile devices, and other systems. Rsupport’s remote solutions are used by over 6,000 customers around the globe, and continue to be recognized for their technological excellence.




RemoteCall allows technical representatives to remotely support their customers’ devices to diagnose and resolve issues. This works with a simple connection from any web browser. RemoteCall is utilized by customer support centers, internal helpdesks, enterprise maintenance teams, remote computer repair centers, and more.



With RemoteView, you are able to access your computer from anywhere to retrieve important documents or to use special programs. Whether you are out of the office or traveling abroad, you can remotely view and control your computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.



With Mobizen, you can view and control your mobile device on a computer screen through USB, Wi-Fi, or 3G/LTE. Take advantage of a wide variety of features including mobile screen recording, file transfer, and more.



Creating a video has never been easier. Record anything that is being displayed on your PC monitor with liteCam. Whether it’s a game, movie, or video, you are able to easily record and edit your videos with our liteCam line of products. With liteCam, you can enhance your videos with mouse effects, on-screen drawing, and more.



Quick and easy, RemoteMeeting is the best video conferencing solution around. You can get started with just one-click on your web browser with no installation required. Supporting both PCs and mobile devices, you can create an effective meeting with powerful sharing and collaboration features that are essential in a teleconference.