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Hanyang University is one of Korea’s leading private engineering schools. The president of the school, Ms. J. Kim has been challenging the staff and faculty alike to explore new areas of research in order to break into the Global-100 list of leading universities.
As competition for talent in Korea has gotten more fierce, the school has been searching for new ways to stand out from the crowd. One such effort has been to offer the country’s best IT technical support experience to the students, faculty and staff members.
Hanyang chose Rsupport as its sole supplier of remote technical support tool. Major issues Hanyang University’s internal customers come from the school’s two main campuses: Seoul and Ansan. Faculty members often work remotely and the school also maintains a network of researchers located around the world.
In order to meet this high demand for technical support, the school first started by deploying an in-house solution custombuilt on the Open-VNC platform. However, the school’s own solution could not keep up with the constant stream of new application upgrades and new OS releases.
The school’s senior management decided to look to the open marketplace for a more reliable and up-to-date solutions. RemoteCall Appliance, was chosen after undergoing a rigorous testing by the technical support staff.


Solution and effectiveness

The pre-loaded hardware solution made sense for Hanyang. The hardware device could be deployed inside their internal IDC to provide technical support to its in-house customers. Furthermore, the appliance was secure enough to offer technical support access via the public data lines to the customers who worked outside of Hanyang’s more secure internal grid.
Since RemoteCall Appliance is installed on a secure internal IDC, internal customers who held initial concerns about potential security breaches and data theft could now have peace-ofmind as their computers were being serviced remotely.
Rsupport customized the user interface and user experience to mimic the existing computing experience of the staff, faculty, and students as well; thereby further reducing initial consumer reception.
After Hanyang deployed RemoteCall Appliance, the school started to notice many changes in technical support experience. The frustration level experienced on both ends of the phone, became markedly improved. The technical support representatives could literally “peer” into the customer’s display monitor and diagnose the gravity of the technical problem within the first few minutes of making a remote connection.
Follow-up customer questionnaires show that the customers’ satisfaction level rose dramatically after using RemoteCall. Furthermore, productivity at the technical support and data processing centers has increased dramatically since the deployment of RemoteCall Appliance.
If the incoming technical support request could not be resolved via phone, resolving such issues could take up to two hours to resolve. Since the introduction of RemoteCall, the staff can regularly accept 8 to 9 Level 3 technical support requests, saving the school money and labor hours. In the two years since deploying RemoteCall Appliance, the system has withstood the test of time and call volume. The system has yet to experience a single case of system failure. In fact, the staff at the technical support center has all transitioned over to managing IT assets spread over six different buildings and two distant campuses over to RemoteCall Appliance.
Individual technical support requests are prescreened and relayed to the appropriate level technical support personnel in order to maximize support staff utilization. The customers are happier because their technical problems get resolved in a matter of minutes and the school is happy because it gets to save labor and time in delivering higher caliber technical support services to its key customers.
The school has moved into an area of computer diagnostics in order to prevent more serious problems from occurring as well. The members of the university can sign up for open time slots when the technical support staff can remote into their computers and optimize the computer performance level by conducting regular maintenances services.


Hanyang Univ.’s Future plans

Hanyang University is still looking for ways to improve upon its current technical support offer. Specifically, the school has plans to expand its customer support coverage to include the popular smartphones that the staff, faculty, and students carry on their persons. Fortunately, Rsupport has been keeping up-to-date on this latest mobile trend. The next generation RemoteHelp, a more robust version of RemoteCall, can support smartphones remotely and the next generation RemoteView can help customers access their PCs with several mobile devices remotely.
Rsupport has been working closely with Hanyang University to test and to improve upon the latest generation of new products that are coming down the product development pipeline.