Optimized to Provide Superior Customer Support

PC – Screen Sharing
Provide real-time support on the remote computer with real-time screen sharing capabilities.

Remote Mouse & Keyboard Control
Control and support using the remote computer’s mouse and keyboard.

Minimal Data/Bandwidth Consumption
All RemoteCall solutions retrieve changes on the remote screen to minimize data/bandwidth consumption.

Reboot & Reconnect
Restart the remote computer mid-session without having to worry about being disconnected. Automatically resume the support session as soon as the remote computer comes back online.

Reserved Support
Provide customers the convenience to request support at a certain time.

Multiple Queuing System
Categorize incoming inquiries to easily provide support.

Representative Grouping
Create and manage groups to distribute support sessions to the proper support agents with ease.

Auto-distribution Agent System
Assign requests automatically to the proper again for a quicker response.

Network Communication

Secure and Reliable
RemoteCall meets industry security standards with SSL & 256-bit-AES encryption.

Convenient UI for Support Representatives

Universal Session ID
Use RermoteCall products conveniently from one program.

Convenient File Transfer
Simply ‘drag & drop’ files to and from a PC or mobile device.

Favorite Files
Assign frequently used files as ‘Favorites’ to share at your convenience.

Special & Shortcut Keys
Provide support effortlessly with built-in shortcuts and special keys.

Remote Printing
Print documents remotely from the remote computer.

The Quickest and Most Reliable

Reliable World-Wide Service
Rsupport provides an expansive global infrastructure in over 5 countries to ensure fast and reliable remote support services world-wide.

No Firewall Restrictions
Bypass firewalls and proxy settings to provide reliable remote support without limitations.

Easy to Connect
Customers can easily connect to the support representatives by entering a unique 6-digit connection code.

Icon Connection Method
Customers simply connect by a click of an icon.

Multiple Installation Methods Supported
Customers can install from several different methods. (Admins can modify this setting under the group option.)

One-Click Method (Must have NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed).
Conveniently connect through Internet Explorer and avoid downloading any additional files.
Executable File Type (Applicable for most browsers)
Download and run the temporary executable file to get connected.
Enable ActiveX
Install the necessary plugins by enabling ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer to get connected.

Multiple Operating Systems Supported
RemoteCall is supported on a wide-range of operating systems.
Windows, Mac and Linux systems are all currently supported.

Multiple Web Browsers Supported
Customer can connect using a vary of web browsers.
(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera are currently supported.)

Multiple Languages Supported
RemoteCall supports multiple languages allowing for an easier user experience.
(English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), French, and Korean are currently supported.)

Rapid Response to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Presentation Mode
Support agent can allow the customer to view their desktop.

Voice Chat
Built-in VoIP chat feature is available to communicate with customers during a session.

Text Chat
Communicate with customers while providing support in real-time without needing to be on the phone.

Canned Messages
Select from a variety of text or phrases to send to the customer to enhance communication.

On-Screen Drawing
Draw directly on the computer screen to relay important information to the customer.

Laser Pointer
Use the laser pointer to accurately explain certain information or situations.

Remote Sounds
Share PC sounds with RemoteCall to better diagnose and resolve audio-related issues.

<h2Management Features to Help Improve Service Quality

Session Transfer
Transfer active remote support sessions to other departments or specialists for faster resolution.

Session Sharing
Collaborate with other support representatives by sharing the support session to resolve customers’ issues more quickly and efficiently.

Screen Capture & Screen Recording
Capture or record the session for future reference.

Session History
View and organize previous support sessions to increase efficiency.

Remote PC Information
Check information and processes on the remote the computer.