Optimized to provide superior customer support

Real-time Video Streaming
Customers can stream video of the issue in real-time using their mobile device’s camera.

Minimal Data/Bandwidth Consumption
All of our RemoteCall solutions intelligently retrieve changes on the remote screen to minimize data/bandwidth consumption.

Toggle Camera Flash ON/OFF
Toggle the flash on customer mobile devices to illuminate dark areas while providing support.

Window support management
Multiple Window support is available.

Representative Grouping
Create and manage groups of support representatives to better handle customer support requests.

Safe and reliable network communication

Dual Security Protocols
Dual security protocols ensure safe and secure network communication during remote support sessions.

Easier than ever

Universal Session ID
The representative can provide support to PCs and Mobile devices using RemoteCall.

The fastest and most reliable

Easy to Connect
Customers enter a 6-digit connection code to easily connect with support representatives.

Reliable Worldwide Service
Our expansive global infrastructure includes servers in Korea, China, Japan, Europe, and the United States to ensure fast and reliable remote support service anywhere in the world.

Rapid response to ensure customer satisfaction

Add attachment
When a reservation is requested, the customer will be able to add an attachment.

On-Screen Drawing
Draw directly on a mobile device screen or computer screen to relay important information to the customer.

Canned Messages
Select from a variety of preset sentences or phrases to send to the customer.

Send Messages
Send one-way messages directly to the customer’s mobile device to improve support efficiency.

The Management function improves service quality

Screen Capture & Screen Recording
Capture or record the session for more accurate issue diagnosis.

Session History
View and organize previous support sessions to increase efficiency.