How to use RemoteCall #2

Remote support – PC

Start the remote support once the Agent program is completely installed and signed in.
Of course, you will need 2 PCs, a support provider and receiver.

To provide support
1 Connection code
Verify that you have the 6 digits connection code from the Viewer window.
Connection code
2 Share the code
Instruct the connection page address ( and the code.
To receive support
1 Open connection page
Open a browser and go to the instructed connection page (
2 Enter connection code
Enter the shared 6 digits connection code on the connection page and press CONNECT.
PC connecting
You are now connected.
Once the screen is displayed, provide remote assistance.
PC viewer
Transfer files (ex. user guides, driver installer, etc.) using Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste.

Experience a totally new way of remote support as if having it in front of you, with RemoteCall.

Remote support – Mobile

Start the remote support once the Agent program is completely installed and signed in.

Step 1: Install “Mobile support” app on the Smartphone.
Assist the customer to install the mobile app on his/her smartphone.
For demo purpose, try installing it on your phone and get connected to learn how it works.
Step 2 : Connect using the ‘mobile support’ app.
  • 1 Launch the app.
    Enter the connection code.
    접속 코드 이미지
  • 2 The Viewer is now connected via app.
    The support provider shares the connection code from the Viewer and the support receiver enters the code in the smartphone’s app to get connected.
    뷰어 연결 이미지
Now the PC and the smartphone are connected.
We can now see the customer’s smartphone on our screen.
전체 화면 이미지

With RemoteCall, you can control the smartphone’s screen just like doing it with your own hands and even remotely operate hard keys!

Troubleshooting and Help

RemoteCall Helpdesk offers more categorized and detailed instruction.

For any inquiries, we will respond as soon as possible.