Remote support is to access and control another computer or device remotely.

What is RemoteCall?

Remote support is to access and control another computer or device remotely.

  • STEP 1

    Remotely connect between devices

    The remote connection between support agent and customer via Internet allows to provide and receive support.

  • STEP 2

    Remotely share and control

    It lets you share the screen of the remote device. You can control its functions on your own screen as if you are using the device.

RemoteCall provides remote support for desktops, mobile devices as well as in the field

  • PC Support

    As computer malfunctions and errors constantly happen, technician visits will inevitably consume too much time and cost to troubleshoot issues every time.
    This is when RemoteCall comes in, to help you sort things out on the spot in real-time. RemoteCall enables access to another computer or device remotely from a distance and share the screen to take control of the remote device.

    “Seeing the screen of the remote device doesn’t require extra explanation, it only accelerates the speed to resolve issues.”
    Quickly solve the Internet sevice provider (ISP) problems faced by customers
    Support to provide more secure and convenient use of public Internet access
    Accurately guide customers to install software at call center
    Troubleshoot PC issues in campus or workplace without in-person visits
  • Mobile Support

    A mobile phone is an essential tool for today’s work and life, which leads to the growing number of people encountering difficulties using the device.
    If this is the case, try RemoteCall to fix problems or provide remote assistance for mobile devices. RemoteCall leverages remote access to the device by screen sharing and device control.

    “Remote session allows to connect to devices without any interruptions, responding immediately to problems.”
    Mobile carriers are able to support a customer’s smartphone in real-time
    Mobile app service provider can resolve in-app problems faced by customers
    Perform maintenance of devices such as smart TVs efficiently
    Respond instantly to a smartphone issue in a mobility work environment
  • Visual Support

    Mechanical problems are usually hard to explain explicitly unless professional technicians visit the site or communicate repeatedly over the phone for long hours.
    With RemoteCall, however, you can provide remote assistance as you get a clear look at a situation via a mobile phone’s camera. RemoteCall enables remote connection of the user’s device by launching on-site video sessions to give instructions on the screen.

    “Troubleshooting becomes faster and simpler with vivid views of on-site video sessions.”
    Conduct emergency measures through video session when home appliances such as fridge and washing machine are not working properly
    Diagnose the condition of product first to clearly identify and resolve issues with just one after-sales service visit
    Inspect the real-time emergencies such as car accident sites
    Check the installation status to provide assitance for installing computer hardware devices and operation instructions

RemoteCall is the key to your successful business partnership.

  • Boost your ROI hover

    Boost your ROI
    Work on your ROI with RemoteCall to reduce business costs.

    RemoteCall can help save business expenses by reducing out-of-office duties and business trips. It also eliminates the need for addtional manpower, resulting in reduced labor costs. Your business can improve its return rate with RemoteCall as it directly leads to corporate cost saving.

  • Enhance the Quality hover

    Enhance the Quality
    Raise the service quality with the best remote support solutions RemoteCall.

    A remarkable customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of any business. The way problems are solved can leave a positive impact, so it is important to provide seamless customer services. Ensure your service quality with upgraded customer support using RemoteCall.

  • Improve Work Efficiency hover

    Improve Work Efficiency
    Increase the focus at work with RemoteCall and make everyone happy.

    Challenging customer services and unnecessary business trips are highly likely to cause extreme stress for employees. Adopt RemoteCall to get things done quickly and handle work more conveniently. Let your employees focus on more important tasks in the remaining working hour.

Select the pricing plan that suits your business environment.

  • Fast and ConvenientCloud-based system (ASP)

    This is a usage-based plan, where you make a contract to purchase each license ID for the required amount of period.
    It works on RemoteCall’s safe cloud server and can be adopted immediately without installing separate hardware devices.

    If you are looking to start with low initial cost
    To employ RemoteCall’s highly secure cloud system
    To avoid installing any addtional devices due to limited space
  • Business-friendlyOn-premise system

    On-premise plan is installed locally on your business computers and servers to suit the system of your company.
    A permanent license ID is provided by setting up just once.

    If multiple users require concurrent access and need to use simultaneously
    To customize to your business environment
    To maintain your business’ security policy and internal network

Experience seamless remote connection with RemoteCall

What makes RemoteCall safe and protected?