The most popular remote work solutions for business

PC Support

The best remote support software for businesses

PC support resolves issues by remotely sharing and controlling another desktop’s screen to solve desktop problems that both employees and customers face. It is also actively utilized as maintenance solutions for business that promotes employees to work remotely outside the office, as remote work trends continue to expand.

Our clients for RemoteCall PC support

  • Financial and Security Firms Financial and Security Firms

    Install security programs

    Financial and Security Firms

  • Public Institutions Public Institutions

    Handle online civil affairs

    Public Institutions

  • IT Service Provider IT Service Provider

    Troubleshoot software

    IT Service Provider

  • Global Corporations Global Corporations

    Fix issues for overseas staffs

    Global Corporations

What makes RemoteCall PC support so special

  • No installation required hover

    No installation required

    There is no need to download a separate program. Just open a web browser, sign in, and you are ready to go.

  • Supported on mobile devices hover

    Supported on mobile devices

    Setting up another desktop is unnecessary for PC support as RemoteCall can remotely support a desktop from a mobile device.

  • Get connected with just a click hover

    Get connected with just a click

    Click and you are remotely connected right away. Complicated settings such as VPN, port configuration, and firewall are irrelevant to RemoteCall.

Remote support for PCs, mobile devices, and on-sites with RemoteCall

Increase the clients’ reuse rate by managing problems that occurred during the service.


The service contract rate has climbed during the 30-day free trial period before clients register as users, due to high ratings for friendly customer support using RemoteCall.

View case studies of Banking service provider

Enhance the satisfaction of support agents and customers by handling repetitive tasks.


The quality of consultation has improved by dealing inquires about errors immediately, without explaining the same thing over and over.

View case studies of call center

Reduce processing time by efficiently controlling in-house desktop issues.


The person in charge of computing spent all day to deal with his work before adopting RemoteCall, but now he can manage other tasks at the same time.

View case studies of university campus

Spend less hours on maintenance with quick updates on supplied equipments.


We gained customer trust and their loyalty by providing top-notch customer service that no other company can follow.

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Getting Started with RemoteCall PC Support

  • 1
    Setting up Connection
  • 2
    Getting Connected
  • 3
    Starting Remote Support
Setting up Connection
(For support agent) Open RemoteCall in a brower to carry out remote support
First, open a web brower that allows remote support and visit the website. After signing in, click Support Now to get a 6-digit connection code and inform the code for the user to type in.
(For customer) Open RemoteCall in a browser to receive remote support
The customer should open the website to join the remote session, and the 6-digit connection code must be entered after being connected. Alternatively, a direct access URL can be received by email or messenger which does not require the code.
Getting Connected
Download the installer after entering the connection code
After successfully entering the 6-digit connection code, an installer valid for a single download will run automatically. Then the remote session will initiate.
Wait until the program is completely installed
The Waiting to Connect message will appear on the support agent’s screen until the customer is connected through the program. Please note that when the remote session is terminated, the program is automatically deleted as the installer is available only once. *Please select the auto delete option in the administrator menu to apply.
Starting Remote Support
You are now connected to remote support.
The support agent is able to start a remote session through the screen on the customer’s desktop. For more details, please refer to the user manual below. Discover more interesting features that come with the RemoteCall agent program and enjoy it for free.

We ensure strong security

  • A screen blinder feature to protect your privacy

    A screen blinder

    To keep personal data safe and secure, the screen blinder acts like a curtain to block out a certain part of the shared screen. With this feature, it reduces the possibility of exposing any private details such as password.

  • Non ActiveX Solutions certified by Korea Internet & Security Agency

    Non ActiveX Solutions

    It is the only remote solution selected as an alternative approach to ActiveX/NPAPI plugins, which is extremely vulnerable to security risks.

  • Security compliance in the global cloud market

    Security compliance

    The security is provided though cloud services that meet global security requirements, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Not just PC! Support mobile devices with RemoteCall

Meet the RemoteCall mobile support for iOS and Android.