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A solution to remotely support PC by sharing the customer’s screen with the support agent.

Support agent

Sign in to RemoteCall agent program and press START.

원격지원 이미지

To receive PC support, open a web browser.

Connection URL + Code

Guide to open https://113366.comand enter the 6 digits connection code.

원격 접속 이미지
Connection code

Open the browser, go to the URL provided by the support agent and enter the connection code.

지원받는 고객 이미지
Provide support

Use the features of RemoteCall to provide remote support.

지원하기 이미지
Receive support

Share the PC screen and receive support.

지원하기 이미지

Increase productivity and customer satisfaction at the same time.

Remote support with confidence, only with RemoteCall.

  • 블라인더 이미지

    Screen blinder to protect customer privacy

    Blinder’ is provided to the customer to cover any part of the screen with sensitive information such as password, personal information, etc.
  • 글로벌 클라우드 사용

    In compliance with global security requirements for cloud services.

    By providing service through global cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, our service meets global security requirements and standards.

Supports all PC OSes and web browsers.

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