For Support Agent

Complete installer for RemoteCall

  • 통합 에이전트 아이콘

    RemoteCall 6.0 Agent

    Complete installer for PC, mobile, visual support

  • 녹화영상 플레이어 아이콘

    Recorded Video Player

    Player installation file for viewing recorded video during remote support.

Needs Windows 7 or later / macOS 10.10 or later

For Customers

Instruct the customer to install the appropriate file to receive RemoteCall remote support.

Needs Windows 7 or later / Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04 (LTS only) / Mint 13, 17 / Redhat 6.2 ~ 6.5 / CentOS 5.7 ~ 6.5 / Android 4.0 or later / iOS 10 or later.

User Guide

User guide and product specification for RemoteCall remote support products.

  • RemoteCall 6.0 User Guide

    View our RemoteCall 6.0 Manual for instructions and features.

  • User Guide for Mobile support

    View the RemoteCall mobile support user guide for instructions and features

  • User Guide for Visual support

    Find out how to provide remote support using a mobile device camera.

  • New Features for RemoteCall 6.0

    RemoteCall has a number of exciting new features including iOS real-time mirroring, support reservation, and more.