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SC First Bank is the fully-owned subsidiary of the Standard Chartered Bank based on Hong Kong. Standard Chartered bought the Korea First Bank in 200 to create this local entity. This is a look into how the bank maintains a very high level of customer service using one of Rsupport solutions.
Major Issues
Online banking is the new megatrend in the world of consumer banking. Especially in Korea where there is a very high penetration rate of the broadband data service, this could not be more plain to see. Telephone calls and emails no longer suffice in delivering the high level of customer service that the online banking community demands. “First-Call Resolution” is the new key word in customer service for the consumer banking sector in Korea. Before deploying an online real-time support tool, SC First Bank also used to rely on the telephone and the email to try to resolve incoming customer support requests. They even had a team of technical engineers who would make home visits.
The increasing cost of providing customer support in a networked became exponentially expensive. That’s when the search for a more cost-efficient software driven solution began.
Against everyone’s expectation, when the bank first announced plans to adopt a secure remote support solution, the Call Center staff did not warm up to the idea because they thought that the existing customers would complain since they were not familiar with such solutions,
But consumers took to the new trend and using the internet to conduct banking operations took off. This exposed to Call Center to having to provide all manners of technical support requests across multiple OS environments. The sheer magnitude of the incoming requests and the complexity of the problems the customers faced quickly turned the staff into believers,

- S.G. Park of the IT Development and Maintenance Team at the bank. -

Solution and effectiveness
SC First Bank deployed the RemoteCall Server version because of the security, the speed, and the ability to handle massive volume. They also chose the software server version because the solution could be installed on their existing server farm and made for an easier training and education process for the customer support representatives. Another factor in the decision to use RemoteCall was the session recording feature.
This feature prevents willful data theft and helps improve service quality,” said Mr. Park. “With recorded files, it is easy to track their performance.” That is the big reason we went with RemoteCall.
The new support system has dramatically streamlined the way how the bank responds to customers when they request technical support, increasing their satisfaction by proactively identifying and resolving their technical difficulties real-time.
Another feature that the SC First Bank Call Center liked was the ability to handle multiple support requests by a single customer support representative. The solution also offers a sessions transfer feature which allows the request to RemoteCall handling more than one requests simultaneously has been made possible.
If the issue is more technically involved, the request can be forwarded to a higher level technical support engineer.
RemoteCall is a ‘communication tool.
As result of adopting this tool, we have come closer to our customers than ever before. This is true especially as we support our customers real-time, through screen-sharing. We often hear their shouts of surprise when we resolve their problems real-time as they are watching on their monitor.
84% of customers’ requests are solved within the first 15 minutes and 45% of that is resolved within the first 5 minutes. There have been no complaints concerning the usage of RemoteCall for the four years we have been using the service.
SC First Bank has even created a separate customer service group specializing in providing remote support services with Rsupport RemoteCall solution. It is this banks own way of trying to keep pace with the rapid changes in customer’s online banking behavior.
On average, each customer support representative receives more than a hundred calls per day. The Bank has organized the technical support organization into multiple levels of support depending on the level of difficulty. If all measures fail, then the call is forwarded over to the IT Development & Maintenance Team, the top tier technical support team at the bank.
Future Achievements
In the future, with the expected increase in mobile banking using smartphones and other mobile devices, SC First Bank foresees using RemoteCall service even more.

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