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Troubleshoot in real-time with remote screen sharing and control of smartphone / tablet.

Support agent

Sign in to RemoteCall agent program and press START.

모바일 원격지원 시작

Waiting for mobile support.

Connection app + connection code

Provide the app installation path and 6 digits connection code. These will be sent via SMS.

앱설치 안내
Connection code

Install the app instructed by the support agent and enter the 6 digits connection code.

접속코드 입력
Provide support

Use the features of RemoteCall to provide remote support.

Receive support

Share the device’s screen and receive support.


Increase productivity and customer satisfaction at the same time.

Support with confidence with RemoteCall

  • lte-wifi

    Connection is maintained even when customer’s network status changes.

    During support, remote connections is maintained and support is not interrupted even when the network is switched over to LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi.
  • 공유중단 가능

    Customer can manage screen sharing during remote support

    Customers can lock the screen or end support at any time via widgets from on the device screen.
  • 화면 잠금 가능

    Support a device with their screen locked

    Unless it is necessary to show the device’s screen, support can be performed with the device’s screen locked.

Support both iOS and Android

Product requirements