• Anywhere, anything, get connected with RemoteCall

    Just open up a browser and get connected.
    RemoteCall require NO installation at all!
  • Support as
    if you were there.

    RemoteCall is a remote support software essential for any business.

It’s ready to handle any & every situation.

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PC support

Connect to customer’s PC to remotely diagnose and solve problems in real time.
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Mobile support

Remotely support smartphones / tablet / PCs as if they are right next to you.
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Visual support

Any situation, problem that is hard to explain in words, view and assist.

Work at home with confidence as if you are in the office.

Resolve any issues with employees’ PCs or mobile devices, no matter where you work.
RemoteCall, the telecommuting solution that minimizes business interruptions!

Reduce time and costs, increase efficiency and satisfaction.

  • 1/3
    Consultation time is reduced
    from 17 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • 80
    RemoteCall saves you up to 80% in time and traveling expenses.
  • 4.2
    Reduce your business’ turnaround, while increasing productivity.

Powerful features with
RemoteCall application.

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Support agent can install the agent program on their PC and offer remote support. It offers additional features, flexibility and speed.
From installation to connection video guide

Discover a variety of business innovation cases around the world.

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  • “With its excellent compatibility, it could be applied to a wide variety of systems, and it was secure enough to comply with international standards.”Samsung Electronics Service Member Team Leader
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