Start remote support right from your web browser.

Benefits of Web Remote Support

Start remote support right from your web browser.

All you need is a web browser to get remote support from RemoteCall.
It is fast and hassle-free to use anytime, from anywhere and on any device.

Why web remote support is better

  • Get started quickly without any installation

    If a customer needs assistance in the major updates for security or OS all day long, you can provide remote support from a nearby desktop. Only RemoteCall can establish secure web-based connections with any desktops.

  • Deliver remote support on mobile devices

    If a customer needs urgent help in the subway away from work all day, give them a walkthrough from RemoteCall Web Viewer on mobile devices. This gives no restrictions of place or environment. Only RemoteCall can establish secure and direct connections from a tablet or smartphone.

  • It’s easy, fast and powerful

    Equipped with intuitive icons and simple UI, RemoteCall offers an all-in-one support package from desktop to mobile as well as visual assistance in a web browser. Only RemoteCall can establish convenient web-based remote support with essential features.

Feel the seamless connection on the web browser!

Which screen is providing the remote support? (Answer: left screen)
Watch videos without delays or interruptions during remote connection.
Check out the amazing performance of RemoteCall yourself.

Discover key features & simple UI design

  • Drawing

    Draw lines or shapes on the shared screen (available in 5 colors)

  • Laser Pointer

    Point out to a specific spot on the shared screen

    Laser Pointer
  • Screen Control

    Remotely operate another desktop or mobile device through the shared screen

    Screen Control
  • Function Control

    Press buttons on a mobile device to control the camera function

    Function Control
  • Camera Operation

    Use different functions on panel to assist during remote session

    Camera Operation
  • Screen Settings

    Adjust the size or quality of the shared screen.

    Screen Settings
  • Session Log

    Register and manage customer support details

    Session Log
  • Voice Chat

    Communicate by voice with customers

    Voice Chat

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