Do not make customer wait

Do you want to explain conveniently for difficult situation? Smartphone cameras can be resolved all conditions with RemoteCall + mobile pack. Do not make customer wait.

Are you still using a service that has only supports Android? Remote call + mobile pack is unlike others. RemoteCall + mobile pack 6.0 now fully supports iOS allowing support to iPads and or iPhones.

Remote Support Features are Optimized for Smartphones

The mobile device is automatically recognized displaying the corresponding skin, and provides shortcut buttons to adjust color for a better performance.

RemoteCall + Mobile pack Features

Easier App Installation and Faster Support

The support representative can get connected with customer using multiple connection methods such as providing a unique 6-digiti connection code, sending the mobile app via and SMS or using the customers mobile phone number.

Get Started with RemoteCall + Mobile Pack

Diverse, yet most reliable connection.

Only one in the world, RemoteCall exclusively supports 3 type of connections. Remote connection is available with a USB connection, 3G/LTE, and Wi-Fi. In addition, it can automatically reconnection seamlessly when network changes (3G / LTE↔Wi-Fi).

Best performance on mobile devices

While remote support is in progress, CPU usage will be at between 20 to 30 %, and memory keep using lower than 300Kbytes based on 1Ghz CPU. It has been optimized to minimize the amount of data transfer and power consumption.

RemoteCall + mobile pack Features

Mobile Device – Screen Sharing
Support representatives are able to view their customers’ mobile device screens to provide real-time remote support.
Mobile Device Screen Control
Support representatives can take control with mouse to support the mobile device.
Minimal Data/Bandwidth Consumption
All RemoteCall solutions retrieve changes on the remote screen to minimize data/bandwidth consumption.
Seamless Network Transitioning
Automatically detect mobile network changes without interrupting the support session.

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RemoteCall + mobile pack support specification

Agent PC OS
  • Windows 7 or Later (32bit, 64bit)
Customer mobile OS
  • Android 4.0 or Later
  • iOS 8 or Later
    (iPhone 4S or Later, iPad 2 or Later)
Internet Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10 or Later
  • Mozilla Firefox 35 or later
  • Google Chrome 40 or Later
  • Apple Safari 7.0 or Later
  • Opera 9.0 or Later

RemoteCall + mobile pack Case Studies

  • Mobile Device Manufacturers

    Manufacturers can pre-install the RemoteCall + mobile pack app onto their devices to provide remote support to their customers saving them trips to the service centers.

  • Financial Institutions

    Mobile applications can provide secure and reliable remote support, and raise customer satisfaction.

  • Mobile Carriers

    RemoteCall + mobile pack can help provide more efficient support by viewing the customer’s mobile device directly. A faster diagnosis of the issue will raise customer satisfaction and result in a better overall support service.

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Service type of RemoteCall

The cost savings in service products perfect for our company! Increase efficiency!

RemoteCall ASP

Reduce the initial cost with monthly subscription, get quality and reliability with cloud service with our remote support solution sold as ASP (Application Service Provider).

RemoteCall provides unmatched reliable and faster service with over 15 datacenters spread out all over the world with auto-sensing for the shortest path.

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RemoteCall Server

Experience a remote support solutions that can be customized for large enterprises, government agency, and financial institutions.

Integration is available for RemoteCall server to be placed in your own network. Customization will be provided including administrator page and advanced security features. All support history can be managed by recording server.

RemoteCall Appliance

We provide a standalone remote solution to SMB, University, Government agency.

RemoteCall Appliance is the all-in-one solution that includes RemoteCall software and hardware. Create your own remote support environment with with our high-performance hardware with OS and DB included.