Downloading & Installing the RemoteCall Agent


1.  Open a web-browser and navigate to the RemoteCall Homepage( )
2.  Mouse-over the tab labeled “Support”, found towards the top of the page, and click “Downloads”.
3.  Locate “RemoteCall 6.0 Agent Installation File” and click “Download”.
4.  Once the installer has finished downloading, double-click “RemoteCall-Agent.exe” to initiate the installation process.
    (Windows UAC message will appear for users running Windows Vista or later)
5.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
6.  The RemoteCall Agent shortcut will appear on the desktop once the installation process has finished.
*  If you wish to connect through a proxy server, click “Settings” on the Login Screen, check the box labeled “Use Proxy”, and enter the proxy server information.


Log in to the Agent and standby for customer support


Logging into the Agent
Enter the user’s ID and password and press [Log in] to log in to the Agent.






Session Standby Window


Click “Mobile” to open the Session Standby Window.






Initiating Remote Support


1.  Instruct the customer to launch the “MobileSupport – RemoteCall” app on their device.
2.  Instruct the customer to enter the 6-Digit Connection Code generated within the Session Standby Window, and tap “OK”.
3.  After the customer agrees to the “Remote Support Agreement”, the remote support session will be established.


Providing Remote Support


1.  The support representative will be brought to the chat window once the remote connection has been established successfully.
2.  The support representative will be able to view and control the mobile device while the “MobileSupport – RemoteCall” application is running in the foreground. While it is in the running in the background, the customer will be able to share his/her screen with the support representative by taking screenshots.
3.  Once the customer takes a screenshot, it will be automatically sent to the support representative.
4.  The customer support representative can then evaluate the situation at hand and illustrate the solution by drawing on the screenshot.
5.  The modified screenshot can be sent back for the customer to use as a reference. Modified screenshots can be found within the “MobileSupport – RemoteCall” application.