Default location     :   Shared Documents(or Public Documents)\Rsupport\RemoteCall\Recorded Files


Playing back a Video Recording


1.   Go to Start  >  Programs  >  RSUPPORT  >  RemoteCall  >  RemoteSupportPlayer
2.   Press Open button and select the file to be played.
3.   Click on Play to view the video.
TIP!    RemotePlayer is installed with RemoteCall Agent. Recordings can be ONLY played with RemotePlayer.


RemotePlayer menu


①   Open a new recording.
②   Changes the play screen size from 50% ~ 200%.
③   Zoom-in/out while video playing.
④   Play/Pause the recording.
⑤   Stop the recording.
⑥   Jump back 30 sec or jump ahead 30 sec.
⑦   Adjust the play speed. Clicking the icon will adjust the speed in multiples (1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x). To go back to 1x, keep clicking the icon until it plays back at 1x.
TIP!    RemoteCall service’s recording files are in “.rsfx” format which is a proprietary encoding from Rsupport. Any other commercial video player cannot be used to view it.